Profiinstand - Die Profis für Ihren speziellen Fall

Refurbishment of an office entrance door made from wood with steel frame

Due to break-in a wooden office door with steel frame was heavily damaged in some parts.

By massive force on several areas the door leaf and steel frame were considerably deformed. The surface of the door leaf made of MDF board with formica laminate was extensively torn out. The wooden door folding is fully torn along the profile.

The multiple lock that was also damaged was replaced by a simple lock during temporary repair. The steel frames with double rabbet shows clearly visible damages. The door seals are smashed and torn in the affected areas.

It is necessary the remove the damaged parts by means of a special milling process to reburbish such a heavily damaged wooden door. It is mostly performed fully lengthwise on the affected profile.
Afterwards, new wood of same type is inserted and permanently glued.

After milling the slots to insert the strike plates the surface is newly coated and the new plates mounted.
By using special adjusting tools the original shape of the deformed steel frames was almost restored. Smaller irregularities were evened with two-component filling material. A full colour treatment completes the frame refurbishment.

After fitting the door leaf into the frame and often necessary adjustments the office door is restored in form, functioning, stability and appearance.