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Repair of doors and windows made from wood

Refurbishment of damaged parts on wooden building elements

In case of heavy damages to wooden doors and windows the damaged parts is removed using a special milling technique. It is mostly performed fully lengthwise on the affected profile.

Afterwards, new wood of same type and grain is inserted. Professional water-proof gluing guarantees permanent lasting. It is professionally confirmed that the aforementioned professional gluing is more tear-resistant than the wooden structure itself.

The prejudice that glued parts are just patched and do not hold permanently is unfounded and incorrect. The use of today's commonly used glued wood with heavy-load requirements serves as proof.

Afterwards, the part is primed and coloured. In order to avoid differences in its surface the whole element, in some cases even neighboring elements, are homogenously treated with colour.

Before-after: wood windows (glazed)

Before-after: wood windows (coloured)