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Repair of doors and windows made from plastics

Repair of doors and windows made from plastics
Refurbishment of damaged parts on building elements made of plastics

Damages to door and window elements made from plastics are brought almost into their original form with heat supply using a PVC welding apparatus and special tools.

We have recently started to use a newly developed substance that makes it possible to eliminate also larger damaged parts. It is a granulate that by adding a fluid will become a substance which shows similar properties to plastics in hardened condition. This repair polyester resin is a high-grade thermoplastic two-component material with slightly higher temperature stability than PVC.

Lacquered surfaces are coated with plastic lacquer as final treatment. This two-component lacquer has been especially developed for plastic material and shows a very high durability. It is for example also used to coat plastic material in automobile industry or article of daily use as furniture, vacuum cleaner and mobile phone covers. Thanks to application of a multitude of different colour shades any surface differences are ruled out.
In case of windows and doors with decor surface (colour or wood decor) the affected profiles are laminated again with the same foil.

Before-after: plastics (white)

Before-after: plastics (coloured)