Profiinstand - Die Profis für Ihren speziellen Fall

Refurbishment of a shop entrance door made from anodized aluminium

Damages to the lock part of the door are clearly visible. It has not been possible to clarify if the damage on the surface of the door frame was caused by break-in or is one of numerous prior damages.

The rabbit projection is considerably deformed by the break-in. The rubber seals are torn and the old locking device hard to operate.
Both door frames are damaged by pressure and level forces, unsightly screwings from former fittings are clearly visible as well as scratch marks caused by keys in the lock area. The surfaces of the lower profiles are also heavily scratched.

By using a new technology we coat the well-prepared profiles with 1mm thick material. The surface is also anodized and very resistant to mechanical wear. In this way besides break-in damages nearly all prior damages are eliminated without additional expenses.

The comparison of the door element before and after refurbishment shows clearly visible differences. Besides the new coating of the door profiles the whole door element is visually and technically refurbished. After final function check and adjustments we guarantee failure-free functioning.