Profiinstand - Die Profis für Ihren speziellen Fall

Questions & answers

Are the windows and doors going to look like they did before the break-in after the restoration?

After the refurbishing, you won't be able to see traces of repair. Through the renewal and reconditioning of the surface and the readjustment of the fittings the general condition is better than before.

Are the doors and windows going to be dismantled during the repair?

No, we work on all elements during their assembled state. This is also one of our most important benefits: There will be neither wall nor plastering works, as well as no painting and paperhanging.

Our craftsman told us, that the windows and doors cannot be repaired. So how is it possible for you to offer a repair without trace?

Because we are specialists for this kind of work and are still accomplishing refurbishments very successful for 10 years now. Most of the refurbishment solutions are unknown for people who do not work with it.

What If something remains visible and we don’t want to accept it?

Well, then our method of rehabilitation failed. We do not charge you any costs and will inform the insurance. They can give you approval for ordering new elements. Therefore, there will be no risks for you.

When will the work be accomplished after authorizing you to take care of it?

Well connected to all the insurance companies it takes us only a few days to coordinate the details. After a maximum of 14 days the repair mission will be accomplished and no traces of damage will be seen. It might take a little bit longer, if special materials have to be ordered.

You are from Thuringia. Isn't the way to get here too distant to be able to work economical?

Our assembly teams start weekly from our head office in Erfurt and pursue a logistical sensible route plan throughout Germany. The daily changing workplaces can be reached in appropriate access routes.

The damaged profiles are, according to the producer and suppliers, not available anymore. How will you solve the problem?

We are using a patented procedure for the reproduction of door and window profiles. The profiles that have to be renewed are adjusted and made out of a universal basis profile and several different additional profiles. That's how we can reproduce and mount every Profile.

Referring to the offer, the refurbished Profiles shall be lacquered. In original the surfaces are powder-coated though. Is a lacquered surface as durable as a powder-coated surface?

When in implemented condition, we do not accomplish a powder coating. That's why we coat with a 2-component-coating. This lacquer is used in the automotive industry and is extremely resistant and durable. The finish with this lacquer is not applicable in the industrial fabrication because of financial reasons. Another benefit of this kind of varnishing is the easy way of the coloring and the gloss level to adapt to the existing, fitting profile surfaces.