Profiinstand - Die Profis für Ihren speziellen Fall

We reproduce every kind of profile!

Reproduction of profiles

With our patented technology we are able to reproduce all kinds of profiles for windows and doors. Starting with a base profile we adjust additional profile parts to it with the result of an optical matching to the original item.
This is how we can reproduce all kinds of profiles - even for out-of-stock items.

We match ervery surface!

Optical matching of surfaces

We are producing the surface lamination on-site by using a special mixing device. That is the reason why we can optically match colour tones and gloss degrees, even with non-standard items (RAL/NCS).

We obtain every kind of fitting parts.

Reproducing and obtaining of fitting parts

We also can copy old fitting parts, that are generally out stock. The damaged parts are being milled out of a blank metal part. We do this on-site as well.